This is an experiment in creating tiny little podcasts with mobile gear.

Views expressed are my own. Some links may contain affiliate information because coffee money is nice.



The tinycast started out one day as I was trying to think of somewhere to direct my creative energy during my commute on the train. I had been listening to podcasts and reading news but I stand about half the time so busting out a laptop isn’t always an option.

The first episode was written on the way home and recorded with my iPhone 6 Plus I’m the front seat of my Golf before heading home. Sound quality was poor but it was a lot of fun.

I grabbed a Samson Meteor USB Condensor microphone in hopes to improve quality.


I recorded an episode in our walk-in closet which is just big enough with lots of clothes and other soft stuff to end up with a really acoustically dead space. I was hooked on the sound, which improved even more when I turned the gain down and got really close to the mic.


This is my current setup: script on the iPad on a little box, the mic on a Crabtree & Evelyn case that just happens to be the right height. A $5 windscreen from Guitar Center atop the mic. Headphones plugged in to the mic which is connected to the iPhone 6 via the Apple USB to Lightning adapter. Recorded with Boss Jock Studio.


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